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In our verb , feelings and principles

Limpando a praia

Verbs, feelings and principles are elementary characteristics of human intelligence that distinguish us from machines.

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Manifest   RT ZZ I

It is no longer necessary for us to do what is no longer necessary. As much as the custom brings us comfort, it is urgent to reframe the new.

For a long time, humanity guided its development supported by energy sources, of various types, seeking what was easier at the lowest cost and what generated greater results, regardless of their origin and impact. Until today, this hasn't changed much, only the indispensability of environmental issues, which brought us and brings urgent issues, because one of our great priorities was, is, and always will be, the energy that continues to drive us.

However, we now have increasingly better sources of energy availability, with a growing range of clean solutions that achieve excellent relationships between power, cost and low environmental impact, meeting the current energy demand without precariousing our development, on the contrary, enhancing it . In this way, we can ostracize the dirty energy sources of the past that harm us so much and that comfortably, by producers, consumers, as well as by government officials who manage the high flow of taxes coming from this area are interested in maintaining. But that's still not quite the case. In view of this, they still fail to invest in this type of energy change, creating new energy generation plants in some parts of the world today, from totally obsolete, dirty and harmful sources.

This change will mainly come from you, together with the policies willing to make this change. Because we have the power of choice and freedom gives us the necessary power to make it, and so we come together to increasingly demand this urgent transfer by all, because it is not just a change in behavior, but a question of paradigm that it demands commitment and dedication in favor of itself and of everyone, of the greater unit, of the Planet. This change will only happen with yours, with ours and with the adhesion of all in this common cause.

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